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Inspired from 1970's Hong Kong, when the city was beginning its journey of being a pulsating metropolis, a juxtaposition of the old and the contemporary, a sense of the chaos that was the past and what was to be transformed into the city of the future. But, among this riot, there was a constant, Hong Kong's cuisine, a certain highlight through decades of transformation.

Mr. CHOY is a piece of Asian History in the heart of New Delhi. A fun, casual, and pop cultured dining experience where one does not need to think twice before stepping in for a quick Asian Meal.
The kitchen team here is led by the quirky Chef Choy himself, a master of modern Dim Sum making with an eye for detail and tradition in basic techniques. Step in and be ready to be blown away by the flavours and energy packed in these bite sized wonders - Dim Sums!!!
Chef Choy has also mastered the craft of making the ever popular Baos and rice flour based cheung fun which are absolute favourites here.
Partnering him is Chef Augusto Cabrera, a veteran to the Delhi dining scene and one know to work magic with his fingers. He has developed a fine selection of sea food cooked on hot stones to magnify the flavor profile of fish like salmon, snapper, jumbo prawns and many more. This along the giant mud crab is a specialty where one can choose the preparation style and relish the wonder of the open ocean.
A bevy of signature mains, lip smacking noodles and modern style fried rice promise to ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

To go along the bar at Mr Choy offers Asian inspired signature cocktails which are sure to please your senses, a wide wine list, sakes and of course your favourite brews and spirits. For those odd hours of the day, the bubble tea and wide selection of hot teas will surely bring you back for more and more!

  • 15, Khan Market
    New Delhi
    +91 11 43760030 , +91 11 43760031

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